About X2C

X2C is a free  tool for the model-based development and code generation of real time control algorithms for micro processor units. X2C uses the open source environment Scilab/Xcos for building the graphical control model. With Scilab/Xcos, the model can be simulated and the behavior of the algorithm can be validated before it is executed on the target.

Libraries with numerous blocks are available for creating the graphical model. Based on that model, C-code is automatically generated, which can be compiled in the target’s IDE. X2C allows simple model tuning and debugging with the built-in interfaces Communicator and Scope. With these tools, model parameters and data can comfortably be updated and monitored online.

Schematic example

Schematic example


Communicator GUI

X2C Scope

X2C Scope

Especially in complex control tasks, X2C greatly reduces the development time due to the intuitive graphical interface and avoids long bug-tracking due to the validated library blocks. With X2C, your finished control code is just one click away.


X2C tool set at a glance:

  •     X2C model simulation in Scilab/xCos without target hardware
  •     Online control-block parameter updates (up- & download)
  •     Online data visualization
  •     Large number of dedicated processor types from various vendors (Texas Instruments, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Freescale)
  •     Large number of generic processor types for use if the desired processor type is not available
  •     Target templates in C including communication via the targets’ UART for various vendor evaluation boards
  •     Java GUI Communicator for target communication and parameter transfer
  •     Oscilloscope like Java GUI Scope for visualizing target data
  •     Block Generator GUI to create new control-blocks
  •     Robust LNet protocol for data transfer
  •     Library General for common operations as Constant, Gain, Sine Generator etc.
  •     Library Math for common mathematical operations such as Add, Subtract but also And, Or, Xor etc.
  •     Library Control for common control systems elements such as I, PI, PID etc.
  •     Additional libraries are commercially available


Do you know HOTINT? Find out more on our open source tool for flexible multibody system dynamics simulation!X2C and HOTINT are developed at LCM Gmbh
which is funded within the FFG COMET programCOMETof the ministry BMVIT and BMWFJ of the Austrian government and the regional government of Upper Austria

Land OOeParts of the development have been funded within the regional development program Regio13 of the European Union