Change Log

Version v6.0.1503

Libraries & Blocks

* Basic
** Interact block added
* General
** Conversion-on-Target (CoT) functions implemented
** Enable input data type changed from int8 to bool
** Blocks LookupTable1D and LookupTable2D added
** Runtime optimization of ManualSwitch block
** sin() with sinf() replaced in float32 implementation of SinGen and Sin3Gen
** Removal of FiP8 implementations:
MinMaxPeriodic, uRateLimiter, RateLimter,Sin2Limiter, Limitation, Minimum, Maximum, Saturation, SinGen, Sin3Gen
** FiP implementation of logical blocks removed and replaced with Bool implementation

* Math
** Conversion-on-Target (CoT) functions implemented
** Symmetric input range check for blocks Atan2, Mult and Negation implemented
** Wrapping of angular signals in float implementation adjusted

** Floating point calculations updated

* Control
** Conversion-on-Target (CoT) functions implemented
** Enable input data type changed from int8 to bool
** Boolean implementation for blocks LoopBreaker and Delay added.

* Blinky demo for Silicon Labs Pearl Gecko starter kit added

* Support for boolean datatypes added
* Event (error) state and CPU load information in status bar of Communicator added.
* Update of X2C logo
* Possibility to simulate blocks with multiple arrays in Scilab implemented
* Bug concerning flash tables in parameter editor’s controller parameter pane fixed

* Python and Scilab scripts for controlling X2C targets added
* Block documentation streamlined (with option to create docu with full info)
* Methods to upload Model In- & Outport values from target added
* Tests updated to use defined Parameter ID instead of pointers and RAM block commands for more reliable and platform independent tests

* Infineon XMC4700 & XMC4800 support added
* ST STM32F302RD, STM32F302R8 support added
* Microchip dsPIC33EP512GM604 support added

Version v1116

Libraries & Blocks

* Floating point bugfix of ManualSwitch block

* Microchip  dsPIC33EP128MC202, dsPIC33EP128GM604 added
* STMicroelectronics  STM32F303RB added
* Microchip dsPIC Implementations updated

* Conversion error handling updated
* Startup bug when using Version converter fixed
* Communication errors output updated
* User Data representation  & handling updated

Block Generator
* Startup bug when using Version Converter fixed
* Documentation updated

* Blinky demo project for STM32F072RB Nucleo added
* BeagleBone Black Blinky demo updated and bug-fixed
* BeagleBone Black Sweepy demo added

* Scilab Script export added

* Double/single quote bugfix in createLibraryStarter script
* CUnit test template creation for external blocks implemented
* HTML block documentation bugs fixed (ligature/arial problem and bug with path of external blocks)
* LNet Service management updated
* C checksum procedure updated
* Support for address-modified HEX files added
* DTR (Data Terminal Ready) signal added to Serial Communication
* Possible buffer overflow in LNet frame-in-frame fixed
* LNet error handling updated
* Internal Block- & Implementation Names updated
* Block XML format updated
* Too small LNet header handling bug fixed
* Scilab Model handling updated
* Intel HEX address conflict detection added
* Scilab Setup procedure updated

Version v1028

Libraries & Blocks
Float implementations for Maximum and Minimum block added
* Float implementations for ManualSwitch block added
* Update of floating point implementations of Constant block
* Pre-compiled libraries: optimization level set to -O2 also for Microchip libraries
* CUnit tests for Microchip PIC32 and STM STM32F0 and STM32F4 added
* Library header file structure update

* Added MAP file support for TI CCS C2000 compiler version 6.4.x
* Added MAP file support for Microchip XC32 compiler
* Updated MAP file support for Microchip XC16 compiler
* Added MAP file support for Infineon DAVE IDE using ARM-GCC compiler version 4.9
* Microchip dsPIC33EP245MC502 target support added
* Microchip PIC32MX series support added
* Microchip PIC32MX170F256 target support added
* Infineon XMC4000 series support added
* Infineon XMC4800-F144K2048 target support added
* STM STM32F3 series support added
* STM STM32F303RE target support added


* Blinky Demo for MicrostickPlus updated
* Blinky Demo for Tiva updated
* BeagleBone Black Blinky Demo added

* High-DPI display support added
* Log Window size and -font changed
* Added block data up- & download
* Added User Data elements

* High-DPI display support added
* Channel configuration updated for less vertical space requirement
* Configuration Save- & Load bug fixed
* Last window size- & position is automatically saved and loaded with off-screen restoration
* Custom Scope Settings Save & Load added
* Scope trigger support for data types uint64, int64, float32, float64 added
* Fixed Scope  trigger inaccuracy
* Fixed Scope trigger display bugs

* Improved response-ability in library selection dialog
* Fixed resize problems leading to incorrect GUI element positioning

* Direct feedthrough simulation bug in Scilab fixed
* Namespace bug in Scilab interface function fixed
* Fix of transformation problem of models with Superblocks and Function-blocks
* Bugfix of ligature problem with htlatex
* Generation of project specific library documentation implemented
* Bugfix of 1/sqrt(3) computation problem for floating point implementations
* Added IEC data types to Controller data types
* Updated code generation for easier IDE integration and better compiler compatibility
* Map-File Data Utils now support variable- and code symbols separately



Version v900

Libraries & Blocks
* Sin2Limiter: resolution of internal variables for FiP8 and FiP16 increased
* Sin2Limiter: abort of running limitation process disabled
* Sin2Limiter: floating point implementations added
* Delay functionality in Delay block implemented
* LoopBreaker block added to General library
* Pre-compiled libraries: optimization level set to -O2 (-O1 for Microchip libraries)
* Pre-built libraries for STM32F0 and STM32F4 added
* Pre-built libraries for dsPIC33E and dsPIC33F added
* Integration of __builtin-functions of XC16 compiler for FiP16 implementations
* Script to create block documentation added
* Error plots for Sin, Cos, Exp and Sqrt blocks in block documentation added
* Bugfix of zero output of Inport when simulating in Xcos
* Palette icon bugfix in Xcos starter file
* added C-libraries for Microchip PIC32MX & PIC32MZ targets

* TI TM4C series support added
* ST STM32F103ZC target support added
* added support for generic Microchip PIC32 targets
* added support for Microchip PIC32MZ2048EC target
* added support for generic X86 & X64 targets
* added support for KeControl target
* added support for Microchip PIC32 targets
* TI TMS32F2802x series support added
* added support for TI TMS320F28027 target
* added demo application for Arduino Due board

* Bugfix of baudrate problem on Microchip boards
* Blinky demo project for dsPIC33EP X2C Development Board added
* Doxygen support/comments added in Microchip demos
* Pre-built libraries included in Microchip demo projects

* DSP update button added
* better handling of multiple Scope GUIs being opened from one Communicator instance
* Communicator now closes all linked Scope GUIs on exit
* added default baud rates for serial communication: 230400, 460800, 921600
* added common settings in Communicator replacing several configuration (set to inactive, tooltip shows where to find actual setting)
* added setup option to disable Communicator “Auto-Connect” on Startup
* fixed Communicator Scope toolbar button bug (sometimes disabled when it shouldn’t)
* added pre- & post code generation script support
* added ‘Download All Blocks’ to download all block data at once

* fixed graphic issue, where plot area is being resized to a very small height
* updated configuration file structure
* fixed bug when using Scope in non-paramater identifier mode
* updated save function for additional trigger configuration support

* Eclipse project files are now being written by BlockGenerator if it doesn’t exist

* Space character in (home) path bug fixed
* Compilation of libraries under Linux implemented
* Script to start the BlockGenerator from within Scilab
* int8 and uint8 typedefs adapted for __GENERIC_TI_C28X__ devices
* Configuration of compiler in createLibraryBuilder.sci script adapted
* Keil uVision HowTo added in documentation
* Doxygen support for project docu added
* Version information in project documentation included
* Update of initProject.sce to enable simulation in Linux
* added service functions to avoid hard-coded names & directories
* updated log4j default configuration files to limit size and amount of generated log files
* added MAP file support for TI ARM compiler
* fixed missing Scope function call in CodeGenerator when using no control block or control blocks without updated functions only but using Scope
* added foward declarations in generated header file X2C.h
* fixed incorrect 64-bit memory alignment for several targets
* added Signal Code Writer which creates a file containing lists with internal X2C signals (In-, Outports & block outports)
* updated Scilab setup script output
* fixed LNet communication issue using multiple threads
* fixed several connection issues which may cause communication failure or VM crash
* updated Code Writer to always generate Flash- & RAM table C source files
* added version identifier to generated files
* fixed bug in CircularByteBuffer class which may lead to a buffer overflow
* fixed bug in Intel-HEX file reader when using ELA records
* updated code writer to add Doxgen comments



Version v671

* bugfix in code generator which may lead to incorrect order of update functions
* fixed bug in Scilab which may lead to erroneous C-code when superblocks are being used
* support for Scilab version 5.5.1 (support for Scilab versions < 5.5.0 dropped)
* added Linux support
* added TCP/IP support (LNet over TCP/IP)
* updated documentation system
* block visualization updates (diagrams & block appearance)
* Scilab script updates for better stability and clearer error messages
* updated demo application diagrams
* updated Scilab installation process
* added pre-compiled libraries for Microchip(c) series
* updated third party serial interface (RXTXcomm) implementation to more actual version

Libraries & Blocks
* Sqrt: updated block image
* library General0 replaced by Basic library
* Inport and Outport blocks have been moved to General library
* MinMaxPeriodic block added to General library

* added support for HotInt (-> target (code generation & -compilation + target template)
* added support for STM32F0 targets
* added demo application for ST STM32F0DISCOVERY evaluation board
* added generic classes supporting ARMv6 & ARMv7 targets

* add channel label (name) to each channel
* address for source type ‘Address’ is now being entered in hexadecimal format

Known bugs:
* simulation in Xcos of blocks with Flash or RAM tables is not possible
* creation of application specific library docu is incomplete/not possible
* creation of multiple application specific blocks may lead to errors



Version v544
* initial release



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Land OOeParts of the development have been funded within the regional development program Regio13 of the European Union